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Severe & Enduring Eating Disorders

Presented by Professor Stephen Touyz | 14 June 2024

  • Starts 13 June
  • 495 Australian dollars
  • LIVE Online In-Person Training

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Service Description

Professor Stephen Touyz presents 6 hours of LIVE in-person online training in Severe & Enduring Eating Disorders (June) | Zoom TITLE: Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders Training TRAINING SUMMARY: Anorexia nervosa is one of the earliest psychiatric illnesses to be described in the medical literature with well documented accounts made in the 19th century by both Gull and Lasègue. They both expressed optimism about the eventual outcome of treatment. Since then, there have been many claims about successful outcomes, but all too often only reversal of the undernourished state is achieved. Treatment may have minimal impact on the persistent and unrelenting ruminations pertaining to food, shape and weight which are so characteristic of those with Severe and Enduring- Anorexia Nervosa (SE-AN). Most patients with SE-AN are unlikely to fully recover. Some do but they are in the minority. It is therefore extremely important not to focus solely upon symptom reduction, but to also take into account a more holistic model of care. Such a ‘recovery model’ needs to take cognisance of the person as a whole by improving not only quality of life, but overall general functioning as well. This requires that our more traditional approaches to treatment, developed for earlier stages of severity, undergo a metamorphosis to better fit the needs of those with SE-AN. LEARNING OUTCOMES: - What is severe and enduring anorexia nervosa? Understanding its conceptualisation and classification. - Acquiring new skills in the treatment of patients with severe and enduring anorexia nervosa. - Understanding the ethical dilemmas and clinical challenges that such patients present. - A glimpse at the future/Psilocybin assisted psychotherapy for severe and enduring anorexia nervosa.

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