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Schema Therapy for ED

Presented by Dr Susan Simpson | 6, 11, 12, 13 September 2024

  • Starts 6 Sept
  • 795 Australian dollars
  • LIVE Online In-Person Training

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Service Description

Dr Susan Simpson presents 12 hours of LIVE in-person online training in Schema Therapy (September) | Zoom TIME: 5pm - 8pm (all times are in AEST) TITLE: Schema Therapy TRAINING SUMMARY: Schema Therapy is ideally suited to the treatment of eating disorders, alongside a range of comorbidities including OCD, GAD, low mood, rigid personality traits, and PTSD. This Level 1 workshop is for those who are new to or have completed preliminary training in the schema therapy model. Participants will learn the basic principles of the schema therapy model as applied to working with eating disorders. This training will provide guidance and practical experience on implementing techniques for working with entrenched early maladaptive schemas/core beliefs that drive eating disorder behaviours including imagery rescripting, chair work & other techniques for change. Videos and live demonstrations will be used to illustrate experiential change techniques. Training will specifically include working with vulnerable [child] modes, limited reparenting skills, bypassing avoidant or over-compensatory coping modes, and fighting punitive (self-critical) or guilt inducing thinking patterns that drive eating disorder behaviours. LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Participants will learn: • How to recognise & work with schema modes relevant to people with eating disorders. • How to conceptualise clients’ eating disorder symptoms & comorbidities using a schema mode map • How to apply cognitive, experiential, and interpersonal strategies for change, including chairwork & Imagery Rescripting, with an emphasis on deeper level change with core beliefs/schemas ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Susan Simpson is a Clinical Psychologist with specialist expertise in the treatment of severe and complex eating disorders. She has 20 years of experience using Schema Therapy with complex comorbidity, including eating disorders, OCD, personality disorders and PTSD. She is part of an international research group which is investigating the effectiveness of Schema Therapy for eating disorders. She has published several book chapters and journal articles on schema therapy, with a particular focus on the eating disorder population. In addition, she has presented at national and international eating disorders conferences and has provided several workshops on Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders across the world. She is co-author/editor of the book ‘Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders’, Routledge, 2019.

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